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Introducing the AirWeights Workholding System. A versatile, affordable, and easy to use vacuum table system for your CNC machine.

The vacuum table is a powerful tool on a CNC machine, offering dozens of advantages that benefit users of all levels. For the new user, the vacuum table is easy, forgiving, and a fast method to learn. For the production environment, the vacuum table offers efficient, reliable, and repeatable workholding.

Vacuum workholding removes the need for clamps, screws, tapes, or glues. You can secure your work to the table faster than ever, and there will be no obstacles in the way for your machine to run into. No more crashing your machine or breaking bits on clamps and  screws!

With a total of 10 suction ports, and a fully reconfigurable gasket grid, you can hold a variety of shapes, sizes, and quantities of work-material; making the system incredibly convenient and versatile. Combined with our optional fixture plates, you can also attain the most efficient and reliable workflow for batches and repeat runs. 

Our integrated manifold design makes the AirWeights vacuum table the most compact available, at just 0.8" thick. Our highly efficient vacuum pump consumes less energy, takes up less space, and makes less noise.  And combining the two, the AirWeights system provides an incredible 8,000lbs+ of holding power, instantly, at the flip of a switch. 

The AirWeights kit includes everything you need to get started, and setup takes just a few minutes. The 24"x48" table can be attached to nearly any CNC machine, with multiple integral slots for screwing or clamping the AirWeights to your machine.  The AirWeights can be removed from your machine just as easily, and the included locating pins ensure accurate and repeatable mounting and re-mounting.

The AirWeights Complete Kit Includes:

  • 24x48 AirWeights Table
  • Tile Gasket 
  • MDF
  • Gasket Material
  • Mounting Screws
  • Locating Pins
  • 9 CFM Vacuum Pump (includes pump, muffler, pressure gauge, inline filter, 8' of air line, quick disconnect fittings)
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