Tile Gasket™ products are pre-perforated with 1/4″ holes. The Tile Gasket seals 95% of your porous MDF spoilboard, minimizing draft and creating vacuum clamp on parts through each of the ¼” vacuum port holes. It is a fantastic option for our customers who run spoilboards and constantly changing parts.

The Tile Gasket will cover an entire porous MDF surface, creating thousands of mini suction cups to hold parts. Tile Gaskets are a ideal solution for many shops that cannot utilize a dedicated fixture. An improved vacuum hold-down system in an ever-changing job environment is why the users of this item make it a part of their process. The product, just like all of the gasketing products, can vary in both thickness and density, to fit each customer’s unique set of variables. Not all users are attempting to hold the same substrates.

  • Plastics and other extremely flat surfaces will use the 1/32″ thickness(CR 03)
  • Wood Products with a slight variances, will use the 1/16″ thickness (CR 06)
  • For uneven surfaces 1/8" thickness is best (CR 12)