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Grid Gasketing

Grid/Pod gasketing is the material, depending on the type of router that you use, that would fit into the channels of your router bed table under the spoilboard, or into the channels of your point-to-point pods.

In-Board Gasketing

In-Board Gasketing is for dedicated fixtures for long-term use. The gasketing material is recessed into a pre-routed channel, creating a long-lasting Gasketing solution with accurate Z-depth tollerances.

On-Board Gasketing

On-Board Gasketing is an adhesive backed material that is placed directly on the surface of a fixture or spoilboard. It creates excellent holding power when doing short-run jobs and a dedicated fixture is not desired.

Cover Gasketing

Cover Gasketing products are for small and/or narrow parts that would be difficult to gasket if using one of the other methods because of the limited surface area of the part.

Tape Accessories

All-Star CNC Products carries a variety of other CNC router accessories to suit your needs. Shop now for everything from router bits to double sided holding tapes to vacuum accessories and other items to suit specific needs.

Other CNC Accessories

Looking for special items for your projects? Check out our online store to see the full line of accessories.